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Swati Mishra
Swati MishraUpdated 19 days ago

A free and engaging strategy game

Prepare for the new Event!: New Lunar Year. Full of new events for Lords Mobile, a free multiplayer strategy game set in a world filled with kingdoms, with each trying to conquer the next for ultimate dominion. The 3D role-playing mobile game lets you create your military base, lead an army of powerful heroes, and train recruits to rule the world. With large-scale wars, there’s much to gain and lose! 

What is Lords Mobile?

Developed by I Got Games (IGG), Lords Mobile is an interesting strategy game with role-playing elements. It features wide-ranging battles that include dungeons, monsters, armies, and more. Your aim is to create an extensive military base that is capable of providing resources, food, and arms, so you can recruit heroes, capture kingdoms, and reach your domination desire. 

The extensive 3D game consists of hero battles, wherein players must unleash their skill to gain equipment and progress through the skill tree. 

To hunt for resources, you can fight in wars across the map, attack other players, or join a team of players and take up arms against enemy camps as one guild. With the help of the latter, you and all of the members of the guild can even earn special rewards

Engaging gameplay

When you first access Lords Mobile download on your Android device, your only possession is a castle. From there, you must build new structures, supply food to your recruits, and collect stones, timber, gold, and ore to keep the kingdom flourishing. You must also enlist heroes to build an army, protect your land, and capture other kingdoms and their resources. 

Though you can do all of this alone, the game is more enjoyable in multiplayer mode. You can team up with players on your list by joining a guild and taking up arms together to complete missions. These consist of large-scale battles to conquer other kingdoms and guilds. Thanks to the game’s social features, you can easily communicate with other guild members while going into battle. 

While there is a lot of focus on Lords Mobile’s multiplayer functionality, it is also possible to play the game alone. In this mode, your troops and leaders will function as characters of any action role-playing game. And as their power increases, they can find gear, armor, and weapons. In turn, both single and multiplayer modes will work together seamlessly and without hampering the overall gaming experience. 

Offers player versus player feature

Unlike games in which you battle with the computer, Lords Mobile offers player-versus-player (PvP) action. Once you start playing the multiplayer game, you can fight over kingdoms, dominate headquarters, and come to the aid of allies if they get attacked. All of these large-scale battles take place among players from across the globe. 

Option to increase skills with RPG battles

According to the Lords Mobile guide, to win, you must have an extremely strong army.  

To build that, you must first recruit heroes with a variety of skills and gear. Once you have a set of heroes that you want, you can send them for Hero Battles. These include role-playing style fights against bosses, so heroes can use their particular skills to come out victorious and with better skills and armor.  

Comes with various training capabilities

Apart from sending your heroes to participate in RPG-style battles, Lords Mobile also gives users various elements so they can upgrade buildings and barracks, train new soldier recruits, research units, unlock Lords Mobile familiars, and access more powerful barracks to win wars. Additionally, you can also collect various resources to create armor for all of your armies, so you’re better equipped to battle alongside your allies in guild wars. 

Provides an escape into a fantasy world

Lords Mobile apk for Android boasts high-end graphics, such that you feel like you’re part of a fantasy world. The gameplay remains consistent in its entirety to ensure a cohesive storyline. And with numerous players competing against each other on every level, there is a lot that’ll keep you fully engaged. 

Supports the storyline with background music

One of the best parts about playing Lords Mobile is that it entertains users with incredible background music. Irrespective of how long you play the game, the tracks accompanying different scenarios will keep you from feeling bored. The game is such that anyone can learn to play within an hour. If anything, you'll most likely begin asking your Facebook friends to join in on the fun. 

Offers believable animation and art

While Lords Mobile comes with industry-best graphics, its animation is worth checking out. As you start playing, you’re able to create an on-screen avatar that gets displayed as your profile picture. However, this picture isn’t static, and the hero seems to be in constant motion, ready to charge into various battles to conquer enemies and acquire kingdoms. 

Who is the strongest player in Lords Mobile?

According to company records, the strongest player in Lords Mobile is AA Nightking, with a power of over 33,000,000,000 fighting might. 

To increase your power and resources, you can go to the latest Lords Mobile Dragon Arena - an online campaign where you can only enter once and with your full troop in active duty. 

Is Lords Mobile free?

Yes. You can download Lords Mobile on your Android phone free of cost. However, the game does offer a few in-app purchases that you may later want to spend on to attain various resources and refresh timers before they auto-refresh. 

Are there any alternatives?

Lords Mobile is a multiplayer strategy game with many alternatives. If you wish to play a few others as well, you should check out Clash of Clans, Rise of Kingdoms, Game of War, and Fortnite Battle Royale

Is Lords Mobile any good?

If you’re looking for a freemium multiplayer battle game, you can’t go wrong with Lords Mobile. 

Apart from offering an escape into a fantasy world that works on strategy, the game offers high-end graphics, as well as a background score that will keep you and your friends, occupied for a long time! 


  • Free to download and play
  • High-end graphics and background score
  • RPG-style battles and guild wars
  • Massive multiplayer online game


  • Crossing levels may seem difficult

Also available in other platforms

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Lords Mobile APK for Android

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 2.104
  • 4.2

  • APK Status

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