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Top 3 Lords Mobile Tips and Tricks

Shaun M Jooste


Lords Mobile is an exciting multiplayer strategy game, but only if you can get the hang of it. You may feel like giving up after the first few hours due to the complexity and challenges. However, with the right guide, you can quickly grow in power and wipe the floor clean with your opposition.

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Here’s our list of the top 3 Lords Mobile tips and tricks.

Lords Mobile Tips and Tricks

Since we’re big fans of winning against online players, we want to ensure you have the upper hand. If you’re a new free player, here’s what you should do as soon as possible. 

Step 1: Join a guild

Construction and research can take several hours when you advance in the game. Furthermore, it can take forever to kill monsters and obtain loot if you’re going solo. Team up with clanmates and upgrade your pact level quicker by joining a guild as soon as you can. Many spenders and monster killers will share the loot with members while also cutting down on building time.

Step 2: Obtain and evolve familiars

Once you complete Skirmish 8: Sacred War, you’ll unlock the ability to summon and evolve familiars. These monsters aid you by granting you special effects. If you want to advance through battles at an alarming rate, find the best ones and enhance them.

Step 3: Participate in events

Lords Mobile features solo and hell events that we recommend you join with your guild members. You can complete phases by using speedups, which you’ll receive more of upon completion of the event. You’ll need to watch out for these occasions daily so that you don’t miss any of them. Your guild may even offer you a unique reward.

To hell with monsters

If you’re a Lords Mobile newbie, the above tips and tricks should set you on the right path. There are many more elements you can try, which are for more advanced players. Focus on finding the right guild and building your heroes up before attempting anything more challenging.

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